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Confidence with QAS

Confidence issues come up in almost every workshop we hold… How to keep your nerves in check when presenting to the media or stakeholders.

Even after 25 years on air I sometimes feel nervous, particularly on live TV.. my business partner, Suzanne, does not… ever.

Almost everyone (except Suzanne and also another client, boxer Jeff Horn) gets at least a little nervous when forced out of their confort zone…even the elite athletes we were lucky to work with during a Media Potential Media and Presentation workshop at the Queensland Academy of Sport. These young people compete on the world stage.. in high pressure events and often with the hopes of the state or nation on their shoulders.

Jillian, Chelsea, Teju, Zoe, Alicia, Caitlyn,Luke, Alex, Dan, Suzanne and Rachel

We discuss strategies and coping mechanisms in our workshops depending on the severity of the anxiety… from the very common red rash – the tell tale sign that creeps up the neck – to the client who throws up everytime he speaks publicly.


For these athletes at QAS – some of whom will be representing Australia at the Commonweath Games this April – it’s certainly worth building their media confidence.

If they present well.. are engaging.. and tell a powerful or entertaining story.. it can lead to more public support.. and sponsors.. to help these athletes fund all that hard work required to pursue their dream.

Everyone is different – but here are a few tips to get you started:


  • Breathe. Your voice is a huge give away.. When nervous you tend to breathe shallowly.. losing puff and power. Take a few deep breaths.. hands on hips.. make full use of your lungs before you get started.
  • De-personalise it. It’s not about you. The fear is often about what people will think about you.. Remember the audience is more interested in your area of expertise
  • Be prepared. Know what you want to say and practise out loud. You have to know what it feels and sounds like to have your key messages coming out of your mouth.

It was such a pleasure to train these young QAS athletes…  Can wait to see them in the pool, on the track,road,and ring. #swimming #diving #athletics #triathalon #taekwondo


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