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Why Why Why – Why am I doing this?

At Media Potential, we have media trained everyone from cardiologists… actuaries.. politicians.. beauty queens and champion sporting teams, and while they are vastly different, the one thing we encourage them all to do is ask themselves why they are engaging with the media.

Jillian Whiting with Kay Mcgrath and some of the Orange Sky Australia team

” Why am I doing this?…. What am I hoping to achieve?”

The answer then dictates the focus and form of our workshops.. and also frames in their own mind, what kind of presenter they want to be.

That was beautifully illustrated recently at a media workshop with Orange Sky Australia – the world first mobile laundry and shower service for the homeless.¬†They are clear about why they step in front of a microphone… They want to help people. They want to make a difference.

It’s a message that’s reinforced by co-founder and 2016 Young Australian of the Year, Nicholas Marchesi, who says that by asking that ‘why’ question, brings him back to the reasons he and Lucas Patchett started Orange Sky in the first place and ensures he’s engaging and authentic in interviews.

Channel 7’s Kay McGrath interviews Jaiden and Katie from Orange Sky Australia

He and his team share personal anecdotes and tell of the firsthand effect that Orange Sky has had on helping homeless people connect with their community. That message clearly resonates with the public and has helped inspire an army of volunteers. In just 3 years they have over 1000 helpers and plan to go global.

Of course their success is so much more than good messaging.. but it’s a great place to start.

What you say – how you say it – and most importantly why, should all reflect your brand and will ultimately affect how your audience responds to you.