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Is this your worst media nightmare??

A wall of cameras.. an army of journalists.. and everything you say is recorded, analysed, and sent out to the world.. where it stays public record.. forever.

The press conference is challenging for even the most experienced media performer.

It can feel like a thrill ride.. noisy.. unpredictable.. and very fast.







So how do you prepare for a presser?

Sure..  you can be asked probing questions by journalists with a camera anywhere..  but is it really effective when you don’t venture outside the safety of your own boardroom? We can take you inside a press pack.. and give you relevant tips and practical experience that will sharpen your media performance.

The presser is an important element of our Masters Media Training Workshop, which also includes radio interviews and the live TV cross experience.


We explain the mechanics of the presser.. how to deal with nerves.. how to deflect the tricky stuff and get

your message out clearly, confidently and authentically

The biggest lesson though…  Media interviews are only a nightmare if you aren’t prepared.

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