CEO Video Messaging

Digital communication is vital for any big business and leaders are now, more than ever, choosing to share their messages via video.

It makes sense… you can reach many more people at the same time across large organisations, and if it’s done well, with the right language and professional delivery the messages are more likely to resonate.

While most CEO’s and business leaders already have strong communication skills… presenting on camera requires different skills to ensure you keep your audience engaged. 

Your video messaging should reflect your own brand as well as your business. The right language and lighting are crucial, and the presenter must be authentic, engaging and to the point.

Our many years in television and corporate key-note coaching, make Media Potential the perfect partner to help guide you through what can be an intimidating experience.

This 2-hour workshop includes: one on one coaching with Suzanne Stark, a camera operator with professional lighting and audio and an edited copy of the speech, ready to be sent out.

Cost $990

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