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Jillian Whiting, Suzanne Stark and Victoria Carthew

Women in Media is a fairly new organization in Queensland, but we love it. It’s a networking initiative for women who work, or want to work in this crazy industry whether it’s as a journo, in PR, production or marketing.

Last night at the ABC, Brisbane’s second WIM event featured guest speakers Cindy Wockner,  News Corp Australia’s Brisbane-based national investigations editor and international correspondent and Christine Middap, Editor of the Weekend Australian Magazine and a former Foreign Correspondent.   Their careers are impressive but it was their personal insight into what makes a great foreign correspondent that was so inspiring. (Connections!.. be nice to everyone.. and work hard.)

Both were impactful speakers, and what made their delivery so engaging was not just their articulate, warm and clear vocal skills but how natural they both were.  Again, it always goes back to ‘good story telling’ and this, they both did so well.

The crowd was mixed with women who had been in media for a long time (like ourselves) and then a lot of current media students and interns that clearly have some great models to aspire to.

Thanks for having us.  It’s wonderful to feel part of such a great group of women.

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