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We travel

10501754_877125402323575_1095395955820481155_nWe’ve been very busy traversing the country training both corporate and individual clients and we think it’s our hands on experience, which gives us an edge.

We have loved traveling to Townsville, Gympie, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Toowoomba, Cairns and also spending time in our home time, Brisbane where we have great clients and some interstate that even come to us.

Jillian and Suzanne travel as a team. Jillian is an experienced reporter, currently working on Sunrise, who knows what journalists want and can help refine the message and Suzanne finesses the delivery advising on voice, nerves, body language and image.

With many companies readying themselves for a push towards digital media, journalists and spokespeople need to be ready for the digital sound bite. With the two-way conversation that comes from our digital/social age, media representatives have to be on point for interacting with their audience. This is where Suzanne and Jillian have stepped in, ensuring their clients are ready to face whatever interaction comes their way whether it be digital discourse or the more traditional door-stop or interview.

Group training is becoming more popular as it’s likely that more than one person is the spokesperson for the organisation. We can come to you or you can come to us. We can use the Channel 7 headquarters for a real studio experience.

Talk to us about a customised course for your organisation to get media ready and able to handle any situation or crisis.