Fotolia_6202659_Subscription_Monthly_XLOften within a business, different individuals and departments deliver disconnected messages, which can be confusing and counterproductive. We can help your business develop those messages so they are sharp, succinct and have impact.

Depending on the size of your business, we can either run this as a short training session or a workshop that runs over two sessions. We engage consultant Rupert Bryce, an organisational psychologist and Suzanne Stark, a corporate communication expert who have combined their expertise to add real value to your messaging from a business, strategic and communication view.

Discover, clarify and align you organisation’s key messages. This workshop will assist you to build both the internal and external brand messages creating consistency and alignment.

In Part 1 of the workshop you will clarify your organisation’s strategic intent to ensure all your employees have purpose and direction. The result is a clear understanding of what drives your business, customers and stakeholders.

Knowing what drives your business is a critical pre-requisite to the second part of the key messages workshop.

In part 2 of the workshop, you will build on this understanding to then concentrate on the ‘Lift Pitch’. The ‘Lift Pitch’ is the ability to deliver a simple but strong, engaging and unified definition of your business and your individual role.

An effective ‘Lift Pitch’ is essential to securing new business relationships, and also for clarifying individual roles within a company.

We help you devise a lift pitch focusing on your different target audiences, and then develop an umbrella statement supporting a definition of the individual’s role within the company.

This workshop is designed in consultation with the client and can be delivered in a half day and full day format depending on the number of participants.