Media Relations

Jillian knows all about the media as she is a journalist who reports for SunriseUnderstanding how the media works is critical to generating positive media coverage and having a uniform and consistent message to drive home is paramount. Media Potential will help you develop an effective and relevant media policy for your business with strategies on how best to action that plan.

Media Potential can help participants recognise the potential news value in their business and how to best promote it to particular media outlets. This is a practical session developed in consultation with the client, during which a press release will be drafted and media contact list prepared. This workshop is prepared and facilitated by working journalists, with many years of experience across all forms of media.

It will cover the following:

  • Planning your key message
  • Pitching stories – finding your media targets
  • How to write a press release
  • What is ‘newsworthy”
  • Dealing with journalists

The media is constantly evolving, but the concept of what makes news remains consistent. This will give participants a greater understanding of the news ‘machine’ and how to become a relevant part of it.