Executive Team Development

This is an extension of our innovative Team Building workshop, designed specifically for executives and managers and conducted in the Channel Seven studios.


Instead of sitting around a conference room and talking about team-work, we put theory into action and get your team to create their own TV show.  It’s a unique and entertaining approach to reinforcing your organisational key messages, and ensuring all team members work well together.

This challenge will take your executives out of their comfort zone while testing their skills and abilities to perform team functions in a memorable way. It’s an exciting new program designed to build trust and synergy; create alignment, focus and accountability for your executive team.

This session is led by Rupert Bryce an Organisational Psychologist and Executive Coach who specialises in Team Performance. Rupert has worked with thousands of teams and has insights into what creates a cohesive and high performing teams. He uses the Team Management Systems profiling tool to help diagnose team issues and refocus teams on effective communication and performance.

Success relies on effective , consistent and compelling communication.

Working as a team, you will put together a news bulletin about your business with a diverse number of studio roles being filled from anchor to camera operator. This workshop will enable you to:

  • Assign tasks
  • Develop organisational key messages
  • Write and deliver a news story that will be recorded and can be used by your organisation
  • Produce and record a full news or documentary style bulletin
  • Prepare and experience a media interview scenario about your organisation
  • Work in various TV roles to experience all the important pieces of the jigsaw puzzle that are needed to produce your organisation’s news bulletin.
  • Understand the importance of diverse roles.
  • Hone presentation and communication skills
  • Create lasting team cohesion tips and strategies for you to use at work


This workshop is conducted in Brisbane’s Channel Seven Studios at Mount Coot-tha.

Facilitators: Suzanne Stark, Rupert Bryce and Jillian Whiting