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Too much Information?

Today I found out more about Kayla and Darius Boyd than I really needed to… extra marital affairs, miscarriages, a pregnancy termination and a challenging relationship.
An exclusive TV interview with Channel 9 last night delved into a raft of personal issues for the wife of the Brisbane Broncos new captain.
I hope Kayla’s intentions were admirable – I believe the story was to talk about her husband’s struggles with depression and highlight the impact of online bullying… Kayla has been under attack from trolls since revealing she terminated a pregnancy.
The interview and follow up from The Courier Mail has only exacerbated the vitriol… and Kayla now stands accused by some – of using her personal life to fuel her own personal ambition.
I’m sure it’s not that simple. The lure of the media can be hard to resist for those who rely on it to make a living.
Kayla is a “lifestyle and fashion blogger” and clicks, likes and follows can mean money in the bank.
She wanted to be open and honest in the interview… which is absolutely vital when engaging with media. But you also need to protect yourself, your reputation and privacy.
The Broncos are media-managed very tightly… everything is controlled, every appearance orchestrated in order to preserve the club’s and players’ reputations. And the club has worked hard to create a “captain-worthy” image for Darius.
Now, for the Boyd’s, nothing will be “off limits”. The genie is out of the bottle and you can’t put it back. This story will live for ever online.
Even after 25 years in the media, I still tread warily.
Anyone who comes to us at Media Potential for help to gain media exposure, we ask them what exactly they want from the experience. How will it help and of course, what are the potential pitfalls. Sometimes that moment in the spotlight is just not worth the risk.
For Darius, who as Broncos captain holds one of the most respected roles in Queensland, now he’s in damage control again.
I’m not sure he needed this… Kayla didn’t … and neither did we.