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Tara Talbot

Meet some of the remarkable people who’ve enrolled in Media Potential’s 10 week “Reach your Broadcast Potential” Course.

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Tara Talbot

Three Words to describe me…   Engaging, Confident, Kind
What motivates me is…   My desire to achieve my goals and the positive people around me
I relax by… Getting lost in a good book
When I step in front of the camera I feel…  Comfortable and Happy
My dream job is…  A Lifestyle TV Presenter
What you don’t know about me is…  I’ve spent 10 years of my life in Ireland
A moment that changed my life or my thinking… Winning “The Rose of Tralee” in 2011
I love…. Travel, music & a good belly laugh
My next challenge is…  Planning my wedding…eek!
I’ve done this Media Potential course because…  I love all things media, and want to learn about the industry, and what it takes to be a successful TV presenter