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S&*t scared of the Media?

Like the media itself – media training has changed. A lot.Sunrise Television

Often we have clients who’ve had training before… And the main message they took out of those experiences?? The media is evil and to be avoided at all costs.

Most media interviews are not about the “gotcha” moment. The journalist is not trying to make you look like a fool, we have no interest in “doing you over”. IT’S NOT A TRAP.*

Our approach at Media Potential is positive, direct and very real. Which makes sense because I’m not in PR, I am a REAL journalist. If you are stepping into the media arena, it’s important to understand what we actually want from you and how we really operate.

I want my interview talent to be confident, clear and open.  I want them to look good, be articulate and relaxed. The media can be a wonderful tool for your business, your profile and brand… If you do it right.

Sometimes though – in the face of a crisis or criminality – you do need to answer the hard questions and all bets are off.  The media attention is intense and unrelenting.  Crisis Media Training is a different beast and essential for business leaders or those who take on a public role.

Every media experience is unique – and the training needs to reflect that. Regardless of whether you are in the firing line or not – here are our top three media training tips.

  •     Be prepared
  •     Be authentic
  •     Don’t Panic

Like any training… It’s probably not enough just to do it once.  If it’s been a while since you’ve been put through your media paces, it could be time to see what’s changed.


Disclaimer: *if you work in politics, it IS a trap