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Confidence with QAS

Confidence issues come up in almost every workshop we hold… How to keep your nerves in check when presenting to the media or stakeholders. Even after 25 years on air I sometimes feel nervous, particularly on live TV.. my business...
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Too much Information?

Today I found out more about Kayla and Darius Boyd than I really needed to… extra marital affairs, miscarriages, a pregnancy termination and a challenging relationship. An exclusive TV interview with Channel 9 last night delved into a raft of...
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We travel

We’ve been very busy traversing the country training both corporate and individual clients and we think it’s our hands on experience, which gives us an edge. We have loved traveling to Townsville, Gympie, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Toowoomba, Cairns and also...
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Interviewing Skills

Jillian interviewing Raphael Bickle at Cloudland for The Great South East on Channel 7Reporters and TV presenters are story-tellers and we rely on gathering accurate and interesting facts from all kinds of people under all kinds of circumstances. It’s not...
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“That’s not a story….”

At Media Potential we have heard many times from clients who have felt the heat of negative media coverage,  claiming..  “but it’s not even a story!” I’m sorry it is. Like it or not, the journalists, editors and producers are the ones who decide what makes...
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