TV and Radio Studio Workshop

Take your media performance to the highest standard with this workshop delivered in conjunction with the University of Southern Queensland.
This workshop has three main components you won’t find anywhere else; a live TV cross, press conference and radio interview in the state of the art USQ media studios.
We begin with interviews in a working radio studio. Our experienced media professionals share their valuable insights and professional tips developed over decades in front of the microphone. You will learn what a radio interviewer is looking for, how to deliver a memorable performance and make the most of your time in the hot seat.
We replicate the “live cross” where you are in your own studio and interviewed by Channel 7 Television Presenter and journalist, Jillian Whiting with a director and professional camera operator  to steer you through what can be one of the most terrifying media experiences.
Did you get your key messages across? Do you reflect your corporate and and personal brand? What happens when it all goes wrong? We’ll guide you through the experience and provide supportive feedback with highly respected national TV producer and corporate coach, Suzanne Stark.
The last part of this unique  Tv and radio workshop is a ‘Press Conference’, complete with three cameras, lights, and a hungry media pack to ask those difficult questions.This realistic experience will help you understand what journalists want, how they operate and will build your confidence for your next media engagement.
It’s a sharp 5 hour workshop at the incredible, highly professional media centre at USQ and every one of your performances are recorded, and sent out to you via digital link.
The most important element of any Media Potential workshop is our coaching and at every stage we provide supportive and constructive feedback to ensure every person gains a deeper understanding of the media.
We have gathered the most experienced team, in a professional environment to share our first hand media insights with our clients. We know that it’s not a one size fits all world, so each workshop is designed for the client – whether you want the focus to be proactive, reactive or even the full ‘blowtorch’ experience.


Details: TV and Radio Training Workshop
Location: USQ Media Centre, Springfield (30 Mins from the CBD)
Duration: 5 hours
How Many: Up to 8 people
Cost: $8000 plus GST