Media Training Workshops

5351-MPThe media can be intimidating, regardless of whether you want to attract the media spotlight or avoid it. Media Potential helps you understand how the media cycle works, how to get your messages across clearly and confidently and what to do when it all goes wrong.

Media Potential takes a practical approach to media training. Our workshops help you understand what journalists really want, and then give you the skills to perform confidently in any situation.

Our experienced and respected consultants work within the industry and will give you an invaluable understanding of current media trends and issues.

Media Potential offers individually tailored full or half day media training sessions covering a comprehensive range of topics.

  • Understanding the media
  • What journalists really want
  • What makes news and why
  • Surviving the 24/7 newscycle
  • Interview scenarios
  • Developing a “sound bite”
  • Developing and delivering key messages
  • Crisis Communications
  • How to prepare for, and respond to an emergency
  • Presentation techniques for TV, Radio and print
  • Overcoming nerves
  • Body Language
  • Vocal techniques
  • Personal and Professional Brand
  • Advanced media training

At Media Potential we believe it’s vital for all participants to spend as much time in front of the camera as possible in order to become more comfortable in an interview situation.

Interviews are recorded and replayed so participants and facilitators can provide constructive feedback and strategies for improvement.

A digital copy of each performance is made available for each participant.

Our workshops cater for a maximum of six participants; however we also provide one on one sessions on request.