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Broadcast Skills   
The New TV Presenters’ Course
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Whether you want a career on television, develop a YouTube channel – or simply want to improve your communication skills, this unique presenters’ workshop will give you the skills and confidence to make any impact with any audience.

Broadcast skills is a course designed to bring out the best in each performer. Over two days you’ll learn the ropes from TV professionals on all aspects of presenting including voice, “pieces to camera”, makeup, autocue and green screen tips… and walk away with not only confidence on camera – but also a showreel of your studio performance.

Who:  Anyone! With the rise of digital marketing and social media – so many professions require strong and memorable on-camera communication skills. Our previous students include: entrepreneurs, influencers, sales staff, models, actors, journalists, real estate agents, TV personalities, professional sports stars and politicians.

What: Our 25+ years of TV experience and 10+ years in running TV presenters’ courses has helped us finetune the course program to deliver the essential skills that make a difference. Our coaching is direct and supportive and we  don’t believe in bland, ‘carbon copy’ presenters. We recognise that people need to present in a professional and engaging manner, while maintaining their true personality.

What you get: Expert guidance, real industry tips, small groups and a showreel of your work.

What to expect:

Your first shoot



Looking the goods

Piece to Camera


Green Screen


The course is run over two consecutive Saturdays in a real life TV studio setting.

The course starts with your first Piece to Camera guided by a Channel 7’s Sammie O’Brien.

The voice is the critical tool for any presenter. In this session we deal with the fundamentals of good speech. Breathing, articulation, resonance, tone, projection, pitch – learn the tricks of the trade to build your vocal potential.

This is about your message. How to get it across in the most effective way possible. Is your language right? Who’s your audience? Writing for broadcast is a unique skill and it’s vital to keeping your audience engaged.

What to wear and why.. and a professional TV makeup artist will give you her expert advice and simple tips for ensuring you look your best.

What kind of presenter are you? This piece to camera should reflect who you are. We shoot each PTC then playback for supportive feedback.

Reading off the teleprompter is trickier than it seems! News, Weather, lifestyle? Choose your script and away you go with the help of a director and floor crew.

You are back in the studio on a green screen. Choose your ‘location’ and give it your best! Your best takes are then added to your showreel.

All the on camera sessions will be cut together and given to you for your own showreel which can be used on your platforms.

Each on-camera session will be cut together and given to you for your own showreel which can be used on your LinkedIn profile, social media or YouTube channels. 

When: Broadcast skills runs over two consecutive Saturdays from 9am – 4pm May 12 and May 19, 2018.

Where: In real studios! The first week is at Channel 7 Brisbane, Mount Coot-tha and the second session is in state of the art studios at USQ Springfield.

Who are we: We are Media Potential and we’ve been running TV presenters courses for years. Directors: Jillian Whiting and Suzanne Stark. Jillian is a  Journalist, Channel 7 TV Presenter and former newsreader.  Media experience: 25 years. Suzanne is a TV Producer, professional voice coach and high profile corporate presentation trainer. Media Experience: 28 years

Why: It’s fun.. plus these are skills that will benefit you on a professional and personal level.

How much:  The training, the showreel, the lunch – It’s all yours for $1650 per person